Modern Mentality

So many of us are caught up with everything happening around us, that we often neglect what we need to be happy. If you can rewind back to your childhood, what made you happy? In this modern age, we are so obsessed with our own personal image that we sacrifice our own individuality for what others think of us. The latest clothing trends, make up, hairstyles and phases take us by storm and leave us dependent upon other people’s thoughts. What we feel comfortable wearing is changed. No longer can some girls be social without caking their face with make-up fearing they won’t fit in. What music we listen to changes and even our hobbies are altered, but what for? To fit the “scene?”..

No matter how many times you call a girl ugly, it won’t make you pretty. Don’t fall into the trap of modern mentality combined with societies false expectations. Be yourself. Do what you want to do. No magazine can tell you how to live your life and no cruel words can change your personal values that make you, who you are. Your own individuality is beautiful and should not be underestimated. It provides you with the road to your true happiness, being able to feel the most comfortable whilst living life to the fullest. Don’t let anyone hold you back because no-one can but you

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